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Budget buildings
Heavy Duty buildings
Premium buildings
Typically buildings of this type feature: Tongue and groove interlocking cladding, styrene safety glazing, dip treated timber, solid sheet roof and floor, ledged and braced double doors and substantial framing.  The windows can be placed in either side wall at point of installation.
This type of shed is designed to be a long lasting garden building. These are manufactured from 23mm pressure treated feather edge boards that fit very close together for a waterproof finish. All timber is fully pressure treated so it will last a lifetime.
This type of Premium building uses a quality tongue and groove timber construction married with aluminium framework, twin walled polycarbonate roof and 3 opening windows.   

There are literally thousands of outdoor buildings available in the UK and many of these are suitable for use as a Garden Gym.  What we do is to help you decide on which type and size of building is right for you.  There are many factors to consider when selecting the type of building including the exterior appearance, the height of the roof, the degree of insulation and of course the price.   Once you have decide you can leave the rest to us.  We make sure that it is ordered, delivered, installed and fitted out according to your specifications.  You only have to work hard when we hand the keys over to you!